Hiroshima stone at National Memorial Arboretum marks war deaths.


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The Far East Prisoners of War Memorial Building, National Memorial Arboretum – geograph.org.uk – 821086 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today the 15th of August 2012 a Hiroshma memorial stone was placed in Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Among those present were former prisoners of war in the Far East, as well as Japanese veterans.

Former prisoner of war of the Japanese George Reynolds, 94, said: “The monument is important as something to remember all those Japanese and British soldiers who died in fighting.

“The two sides were enemies but not now, and this [memorial] is a good idea to bring people together in harmony, not hate.”

Forgive the sins of the fathers.

Poignant in memory of many true heroes my grand father Leslie Nowell being one of them. Although I never met him I know if he were alive today he would strive for all mankind to live in a peaceful world.

It does not mean it’s forgotten quite the opposite it must never be forgotten so it never happens again.

I strive to see every POW that died and suffered have their names carved on a memorial in the country they fought for.

Bring them home in name.