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While VE Day was being celebrated in Europe on the 8th of May 1945.

The Far Eastern war was still ongoing.

Many people do not realise what so many FEPOW’s had to endure, they truly suffered.

The stories of the extreme torture and how so many FEPOW’s were killed.

The men that returned home suffered ignorance and neglect and were told not talk about it.

The brave men and women all had to deal with the trauma of war without any help from the government.

All the Far Eastern heroes are granted a memorial VJ Day because it’s long over due.

They all rightly deserve to be remembered on their day.



Radio interview on BBC Hereford and Worcester.

I am talking with Claudia Berry about the ‘Hellships’ my grandfather and how all the POW’s suffered.

How the call for an annual national VJ Day is needed.

A petition set up by a very good Author Ellie Taylor. Ellie’s father a honourable FEPOW Fred Cox.

Part one recording of my radio interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester.

Part two recording of my radio interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester.

FEPOW Ron Monkford former Far Eastern POW speaks out and backs the VJ Day petition.


The Gordon highlanders and north east politicians back the petition.

Gordon Highlanders and north east politicians back new VJ Day petition

The history of the Far Eastern POW’s.


On the 27th of June 2019 the petition reached 10000 signatures. A true indication that people support the petition.

Read all about the call for Far East POW’s in The Times.

Read all about in the memory of a prisoner of war daughter wants recognition of VJ Day in the Warrington guardian.


Sir David Amess calls for national commemorative VJ Day


It is really quite shocking what Alistair and the many other men like my grandfather went through.

Alistair had to live through all of that then live through the terrible memories in his mind.

It’s really incredible how he survived.

Sadly my grandfather and the many other men didn’t survive.

The brave men like Alistair must never be forgotten.

They all went through unimaginable suffering.

They have been ignored for too long a national VJ Day must happen.

Keep the candle burning.

Alistair Urquhart was a prisoner of the Japanese from 1942 to 1945, surviving forced marches, the infamous Death Railway and the atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki
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Moira Swinbourne’s BBC radio Norfolk interview supporting the petition and talking about her father.

Part one

Part two

Hastings in Focus news blog.

The writer gives background information supporting the petition and writes about former Hastings councillor Richard Streets POW father.


The Derby Telegraph Emma Richardson supporting the petition and the story of her great uncles that served and died and took part in the Alexandria Hospital Massacre in Singapore.

The pictures that were used to tweet and share supporting the petition.