After experiencing and seeing so much suffering and having to face the struggle of survival after he was set free with no help what so ever.

Yet he carried on fighting for a cause that should never be forgotten. Rest in peace Steve Cairns

You will be missed by many.So many of the world war two veterans do not have many years left ahead of them.The ones that do and still can have campaigned for many years of their lives.It is only the past 5 years their stories have been allowed to be published giving the true account of their suffering the POW’S had to endure while enslaved.It is for this reason as painful and distressing the documentation is.It must not ever be forgotten.So that the kind of suffering they had to endure never happens again.It sickens me that it has taken so long for the history to become more apparent. I guess the freedom of information act makes a difference nowadays.Keep the candle burning at both ends for Peace and Freedom