Do you believe in kesmit?

The mind has a very strange way of raising awareness especially when you find yourself living with circumstances that play a part in your life that shock heightens your senses.

During that time in my life the past two years I had been travelling backwards and forwards on a regular basis to Libya due to my husband working there as HSE advisor.

Every time I would go to Libya I would battle with my husband against going there. Before I arrived there and while I was there I always had a sense of unease about the place.

I remember the day when I first heard on the news that Gaddafi had agreed through Tony Blair and made friends with the world and how I always believed it was a very big mistake.

How could the world trust him or even vice versa.

Little did I know two years on how the very sad and horrifying future events would pan out for Libya and the world and how they would personally effect myself and my husband and other expats.

On the day I was evacuated to Malta of which my husband had co-ordinated a task that I am very proud of him for proving his expertise.

Ironically I found myself feeling very sad to leave the place I felt in my heart that Libya and it’s people would suffer deeply.

While I was in Malta I had a strong urge to seek out my family history particularly my father’s father.

Once I returned to the UK I set about the task of joining genes reunited. A task that I envisaged would take me years to complete.

Little did I know that within two days I would have all the information of every family member on my father’s side going back to the tenth generation.

I could not of found out the all relevant and true information without the help of a distant great-aunt and her son in such a short space of time and for which I am truly grateful.

I do not have any memory of my father all that myself my mother and my two sisters lived in Kenya.

My father was posted there with the Royal Horse Artillery.

I was five years old when we left.

My mother and father separated my father did not bother to keep in contact with me.

As I grew older I began to ask my mother questions about my father and what she knew about his father and mother.

She told me that my father’s father died in world war two and that his wife had died the same time.

All my life the very sad story had remained in my mind and I knew that some day I would find out for myself their names and their backgrounds.

What I didn’t know was that I would discover the horrific true account of my grand father Leslie Nowell’s death who died 12th of September 1944 POW along with other comrades.

The true account had been kept quiet for so many years and only the true account was told for the first time after 60 years by a 90-year-old Gordon Highlander of the hidden truth about the horror of the Japanese war camps.

A story that gives true justification that wars and the killing of human beings should not ever take place and that the world should have everlasting peace.

Even though I have a military back ground of my father and his father and my husband taking part in military action.

It is a fact that all the lost young and old and existing heroes that can tell the true accounts of the terrible atrocities that take place on human beings during war.

It is for that very reason that they could bring peace to the world.

It is because of that I make this contribution to urge that all wars become a tool of the past and that common sense prevails for the sake of all human beings and especially the younger generations and at most the sake of this beautiful planet we live on.

I believe that human beings have forgotten that all human beings have a soul and that once they begin to realise it again they will stop killing each other.

I commemorate and dedicate this blog to my grand father and all the heroes that they wanted to forget and the many more to come if wars continue all for the sake of money.

Life, love and peace and survival is worth more than any war.

Remembering all the heroes that sacrificed their lives so that the world could have peace REST IN PEACE.

A year has past since I was evacuated from Libya.

I found life very strange and difficult to adjust to.

I found myself rebelling against my husband moving on to working in Syria with the company he worked for in Libya.

So many killings going on within the two countries, not too mention the many other countries where the people that protest for change and PEACE.

So many sacrifices made by the people that are prepared to lay down their lives so that dictatorships suppression and corruption should cease.

Now 11,11,11,11 remembrance is almost up on us.

People that care will remember all the brave that fell in the many wars that have been.

Every year remembrance takes place however just remembering does not seem too be a prevention.

We remember the fallen every year.

Yet if the fallen could speak out themselves.

They would say I am sure!

That this is not what we sacrifised our lives for.

We sacrificed our lives to protect life so that fighting and killing would would become less.

Not to encourage the making and selling of more advanced and destructive weapons.