Bird in the hands brings peacePLEASE PLEASE PLEASE is what a POW would yearn to say when imprisoned and enslaved from day to day.

Imagine if it were you and your freedom and dignity was stolen from you today.

People of the world that really care and want and need to make a difference working together at bringing Peace to this beautiful planet we live on and for the sake of all humanity for our children and their children’s futures.

All the men that have fought and died and suffered and sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.

We owe it to them so that they did not die in vain.

Those that survived, that returned home but bare the scars of war.

We must not forget them.

With all our energies focussed on peace, we can encourage the positive energy to grow.

Your positive energies will be rewarded through the hands of time you will be able to see more clearly the wonders of nature that the world has to offer for free.

Our voices can be sent over the airwaves that will endeavor to allow the positive energy to flow.

All that we survey all that surrounds us through nature is there for us all to enjoy and protect.

I believe that there is a great urgency developing throughout the world a need to change what is truly destroying this beautiful planet.

Every living human being is responsible for their actions we are all putting a strain on the world’s natural resources.

Stop all the needless killing.

Stop the cruelty and the use of destructive weapons.

Throughout history, it is becoming more evident that wars do not bring peace but cause segregation, discrimination,  poverty, divide, and rule.

People are becoming more aware of the realities of the so many atrocities that occurring on a great scale.

The destruction of war and unnecessary deaths.

The destruction caused through extreme weather, the cruelty waged against the precious animals of the world.

The cruelty being waged against one another through racism,jealousy and hatred.

This beautiful planet is reaching a peak of considerable torment and is becoming out of harmony.

People need to wake up and see the big picture and not turn their backs on the reality of what is happening.

Every one of us plays a part in the circle of life.

I will begin with a war poem that I came across to all the people that really want and need to make a difference.

Please Leaders and Government, think carefully before
You press the button to start off a war.

Let’s mix in together, sharing food and all we’ve been blest
Surely mercy comes cheaper and forgiveness is best

History has shown that our God always wins through
His teaching that we are all his children could avoid this to-do

Please share out the goodies between thee, them and me
Protect our children from being ‘just an evacuee’

Oh Lord, please help us all in this nuclear age
One or all to be blasted is such an outrage.

Last time was tough; I’ve been through it before
Your gift of life is so precious, oh please protect us, oh please protect us
From missiles and being no more……

I have been inspired by a poem written by Alicia Keys

She has written a book of poems called Tears for water.


I’m a prisoner
Of words unsaid
Just lonely feelings
Locked away in my head

I trap myself further
Every time I stay quiet
I should start to speak
But I stop and stay silent
And now I’ve made
My own hard bed
Inside a prison of words unsaid
I am a P.O.W. Not a prisoner of war
A prisoner of words
Like a soldier
I’m a fighter
Yet only a puppet
Mostly I only say
What you wanna hear
Could you take it if I came clear?
Or would you rather see me
Stoned on a drug of complacency and compromise
M.I.A. I guess that’s what I am
Scraping this cold earth
For a piece of myself
For peace in myself
It’d be easier if you put me in jail
If you locked me away
I’d have someone to blame
But these bars of steel are of my making
They surround my mind
And have me shaking
My hands are cuffed behind my back
I’m a prisoner of the worst kind, in fact
A prisoner of compromiseA prisoner of compassion
A prisoner of kindness
A prisoner of expectation
A prisoner of my youthRun too fast to be old
I’ve forgotten what I was told
Ain’t I a sight to behold?
A prisoner of age dying to be young
To my head is my hand with a gun
And it’s cold and it’s hard
Cause there’s nowhere to run
When you’ve caged yourself
By holding your tongue
I’m a prisoner
Of words unsaid
Just lonely feelings
Locked away in my head
It’s like solitary confinement
Every time I stay quiet
I should start to speak
But I stop and stay silent
And now I’ve made
My own hard bed
Inside a prison of words unsaid.
Another inspiring poem there are so many beautiful souls out there reaching out for Peace.
As time goes on remains are found
And another finds his way back home
After years spent lost on foreign shores
Feeling forgotten and left all alone.

But they will never be forgotten
By the Country, they went off to serve
We will search until all are returned
To loved ones, the least they all deserve.
DNA can tell, just who they may be
Those lost in those past conflicts
A Hero home, their final destiny.
Worse for the POW and the MIA
All of those unaccounted for
Compounds the price they chose to pay.
Those we lost in the fog of War
Better yet, take a moment every day
While we appreciate what they fought for.
Dedicated to honor their memory
For the time or life they gave
To keep this, ‘The Land of the Free’.
Tellings of war, pictures and memorial ceremonies are all well and good.

They are history and the past.


But what good are they when the killing still goes on.

This is not what the brave died in wars for, they died and suffered so people can have freedom.

Progression towards peace with no wars would be an epitaph to their sacrifice.

When people begin to learn they have a soul only then will there be peace.

Together breath in the love, feel the pain of the suffering, cherish it and then let it go.

Soak up the beauty that surrounds you on this beautiful planet we live on.

We are all connected to nature she rewards us in so many ways giving us the privilege of what she has to show us.

Can you not see with all the earthquakes, floods, fires she is shouting out to us all to stop destroying her.

Today I heard a conversation that saddened me.

The conversation heard was that of a father that was a military man,

To hear a non-military person speaking of how the father treated his children as though they were recruits.

Sad as it is but so true.

I urge all military people to step back lay down the arms that cause so much pain suffering and destruction.

The world’s military would be better served being educated in being peacekeepers, building communities bringing harmony to necessary needs of people that can be reformed towards everlasting Peace.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a time comes where we can all look back at history and celebrated the day wars became past and something that never happened ever again?

Violence and killing are not the way in any walk of life.



What is this life if full of care

We have no time to stand and stare?

No time to stand beneath the boughs

And stare as long as sheep, or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,

Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,

And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can

Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this, if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

Slow down give PEACE a CHANCE. Author Kerry Bird.

Do you remember walking in the park when you only spent what you could afford?

Walks in the park, feeding the ducks, sitting on a bench eating your packed lunch.

Relaxing in your garden and reading a book, listening to the radio or playing a cassette.

The simple things in life didn’t cost so much.

Then came the cd and video technology began

gadgets galore.

Then came the computer and the microchip.

Making several trips and spending more and more and more.

Social conversing began to decline.

Then came designer this and designer that.

Whatever was the best in the fashion trends they had in store.

Advertising got a grip of you only to deceive.

Encouraging you to feed the bankers that evade the tax.

Forgetting the value of what true freedom can be.

The wake up calls we are seeing day to day.

Forgetting to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you all that is free.

It’s time to heed the warnings and learn by all our mistakes.

It’s time to pave the way for a future that will forever last.

The air we breathe, the soil beneath our feet, the birds and animals we admire and protect.

Make time to make the damn destructive wars a tool of the past.

Our children and our children’s future we all connect.

This beautiful planet we live on deserves our utmost respect.

Haunting face crying a river of tears as glacier melts into the sea.

This picture is from an article I came across it could be an illusion or it could have been photoshopped who can say.

But what if?

What if mother nature is crying out because she is feeling the pain of our beautiful planet suffering.

I am more inclined to believe when the oil company that fractured this planet in Mexico she became so badly damaged.

Servicewoman gives birth in camp bastion Afghanistan

When I read this article today it gave me a feeling of contentment and compassion there is hope for us all.

What a wonderful story a message that shows how precious life really is.

A British servicewoman has given birth to a son at Camp Bastion while serving in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed.

The woman – who is understood to have been unaware of her pregnancy – gave birth on Tuesday.

Both mother and baby are in a stable condition and are due to be flown home in the coming days after a specialist ‘Paediatric Retrieval Team’ from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford arrive to help them return safely.

My song choice for today.

Today is world peace day I hope today you are taking a time to reflect and tune into your heart and urge for peace.

Love and peace to every living soul on this beautiful planet we live on.

Today all I would like to do is smile and laugh and send love to the world and seal it with a kiss for Peace.

The message of PEACE in a bottle. 

Why destroy when we could create,
Keep the peace, erase the hate.

In his own home, in his own bed, a dying soldier closes his eyes,

smiles, glad to be home

He has lived in a world of peace, fought for a world of peace,
died for a world of peace, the world of peace he goes to.

My inspiration today comes from how John Lennon’s wife YOKO’S TRUE dedication to him and WORLD PEACE.

I wish to send back love to all the spirits that have left the people they loved we know you are working hard together to bring peace to this planet.


Dear Friends,

On October 9th 2012, I will relight IMAGINE PEACE TOWER
in Iceland in memory of my late husband John Lennon.

Please ask all your friends to join us by Tweeting wishes
to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER (@IPTower), which you can do a right
here at (the Tweet box is top right).

You can also send wishes by postemail & Facebook.
Tell all your friends.
Spread the word!

I hope the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER will give light to the
strong wishes of World Peace from all corners of the planet
and give encouragement, inspiration and a sense of solidarity
in a world now filled with fear and confusion.

Let us come together to realise a peaceful world.

Love is our energy.
Wisdom is our power.
It’s time to shed light to all corners of the world.
Enjoy the trip we make together.


Yoko Ono Lennon
October 2012

My favourite hymn.

I’ve felt sadness this past week I have felt the loss of my kin.

My mum passed 4 years ago and this week my dad.

My blog gives me hope and faith for all the good people living in hope.

Keep the faith Love and Peace.

For my mum, my dad, my grand father, my grand mother, my nan, my cousin and every living persons loved ones that have passed on.

For all the fallen courageous people that have passed on through war. For all the people and animals of this world and everything beautiful on this planet with all the love brings peace to this world.

It gives me true faith when I read articles such as these I am about to post.

I believe it is through the encouragement and dedication of true believers that pave the way for Peace.

By educating people in finding an inner peace within themselves it is a step towards world Peace.

Buddhists to build World Peace Centre on banks of Loch Ness to be near Nessie

A World Peace Centre on the banks of Loch Ness is set to be established by the Buddhist community following this year’s successful visit of the Dalai Lama.

Buddhists to build World Peace Centre on banks of Loch Ness to be near Nessie

Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche says heís fascinated by the Loch Ness monster and is setting up a World Peace Centre on the banks of the loch Photo: CASCADE NEWS

The Buddhist community is to establish a World Peace Centre on the banks of Loch Ness

Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, the founder of the Holy Isle project and abbot of Samye Ling Monastery in Dumfries-shire, has unveiled plans for the centre.

Lama Yeshe, who admits to having a fascination for Nessie, is on a five-day visit to the Highlands. He has identified one property with possibilities about 14 miles from Inverness and has also looked at others on both sides of the loch.

Lama Yeshe explained the Highlands were one of the Dalai Lama’s “most favourite” places in Scotland and admitted to also having personal reasons for choosing the area.

“I have been following the Loch Ness Monster for so long I have become attached to him, or her, so much that if I can find a place here it will be a wonderful place for us to develop as a centre,” he said.

“If we were to find a place to start the centre it will be somewhere where people from these parts will benefit from.

“It will provide something that the council can never provide.”

He envisaged the centre offering to teach in yoga, tai chi, meditation, and therapy, not necessarily with Buddhist influences.

“It will be a very, very special and welcoming place where anybody who has anything to offer can work and share with others under the one roof,” he said.

A unique gift from the Dalai Lama, following his visit to Inverness in the summer, will be the centrepiece of the new venture.

The 12 feet high “Peace Pole”, made of seasoned Lochaber oak by Culbokie craftsman Steve Horsfall, has been inscribed in Tibetan, Gaelic, and English with the Dalai Lama’s own words: “May peace prevail on earth”.

A planning application to create a Buddhist centre in the ground floor of Ballantyne House in Inverness’s Academy Street has been approved by council planners.

Satyapada Campbell, of Bunchrew Caravan Park, Inverness, wants to create the religious centre run by the former Friends of Western Buddhist Order, now known as Triratna.

The community was founded in the UK in 1967 and describes itself as an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths.


Nuclear weapons ‘outlawed’ in an independent Scotland, says Salmond

Faslane submarine
Nuclear weapons carrying submarines currently reside at the Faslane Naval base on the Clyde

The leader of the SNP has said that if his party won power in an independent government it would make nuclear weapons illegal.

Alex Salmond told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that Trident, which currently resides at Faslane Naval base on the Clyde, would have to go.

He also said a go-alone Scotland would remain a member of the European Union.

Mr. Salmond was being interviewed from Perth where his party has been holding its annual conference.

The first minister was asked by the broadcaster to respond to UK government suggestions that moving Trident from Scotland would be “prohibitively expensive”.

He said: “The UK government has two choices – they either relocate Trident to another part of the rest of the UK or alternatively they could use nuclear facilities in America or France.”

Mr. Salmond made a further point that it was possible for a UK government to decide a “much better policy” and decommission its weapons system.

He added: “That would be a matter for the London government. That doesn’t mean we think it reasonable to lease out part of Scottish territory to what you [Andrew Marr] describe as a Cyprus situation. If Scotland, by majority, doesn’t want nuclear weapons, the SNP proposition is to write that into the constitutions of the state.

“So, that would make the possession of nuclear weapons illegal.”

The SNP leader was being interviewed after a decision by his party to back joining nuclear-based military alliance Nato in the event of an independent Scotland.

Following his appearance on the Andrew Marr Show, Mr Salmond reiterated SNP policy to outlaw nuclear weapons during an interview on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme, hosted by Isabel Fraser.

There is a large amount of good will toward Scotland in the rest of the EU”

Alex SalmondSNP leader and first minister

She quizzed him on whether an independent Scotland would prevent nuclear weapons-carrying warships doing exercises in Scottish waters.

Mr. Salmond said: “The issue about visiting warships, etc, no country ever confirms the existence of nuclear weapons on its warships – that is well known.

“This is an issue all non-nuclear countries have to face up to within Nato and out of Nato and we will do exactly the same thing.”


Since researching in to the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy I came across a video of how a tree had fallen on a car. As I researched more deeply I discovered that there were so many trees that had fallen on cars in so many storms over the years also that   there was so much footage where cars were sat in flooded areas.

It occurred to me.

Could this be nature raising awareness of the root of all the problems in the world?

Could it be that when the BP spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico that it damaged the very core of the earth?

Where did all the oil go?

“That’s the $64 billion question,” Ryerson says. Some of the oil ended up eaten by microbes and some of it ended up — or will become — embedded on the seafloor or on beaches or in marshes. “The heavier stuff will wash up on beaches 20 years later,” he says.

Even the amount of oil that was spilled remains a mystery. ( USA today news article )

Most certainly the oil would have seeped in to cracks and ravines and will be just sitting there contributing to harming nature.

Have you ever thought that this planet needs the oil to survive and keep the balance of nature in harmony?

So much oil has been taken from earth over the years that perhaps now it could be that nature is telling us ENOUGH.


Referring to cars it also occurred to me could nature be telling us to slow down and enjoy what is all around us not to take everything that is available for FREE that nature gives us for granted.
Take time to appreciate the beauty that nature provides us for FREE.
Appreciate that we are ALIVE.
I would like to reflect today on remembering Princess Diana.
I can not understand why there is never remembrance in her memory.
She contributed towards working towards world Peace.
Diana was unique that had various gifts, and they all came together in one person that came from her heart.
She broke the boundaries with her dedication and compassion to 100-plus charities, she drew so much attention to her humanitarian work.
One thing no one could have measured before her death was how beloved she was.
If Diana had not died I truly believe that the world would be a more peaceful place.
Today I am inspired and encouraged by all the people in the world that choose to take the exact same path as I choose.
There is an abundance of us.
To join together and help to build a new prosperous future for this beautiful planet and all of us all over the world.
I truly believe that we are at a crossroad in time where now is the time to make change for the better before it is too late.
We all have such an exciting task ahead of us as we move forward for the change.
To live on a planet that we can all help to protect, nurture and help it to grow just as a mother or father would do for their child.
We can all become earth protectors.
A planet where we can all live and thrive together in harmony.
A planet where children can play and grow and feel safe.
A planet where people can live their lives without the worry of war and destruction entering their minds.
A planet where people live with trust.
A planet with free energy that is cleaner and less controlling.
A planet where there is life without unnecessary hunger and suffering.
A planet where there is life without the unnecessary need for destructive weapons.
A planet where there is life without injustice.
A planet where  there is life with truth love, compassion and most of all Peace.
R.I.P Savita Halappanavar.
Today I felt the pain and suffering of a young woman that died due to being refused an abortion as she was miscarrying her child because she was in a country that denied abortion because of the Catholic religion.
My deepest sympathies go out to her husband and family.
So so tragic.
The story struck the very core of my heart and soul.
How could doctors refuse to save a life when it was a life or death situation the circumstances should have overruled any religion.
We are supposed to be living in a civilized world not a world where pain and suffering is deliberately inflicted or even evaded because of religious beliefs.
Where is the humanity?
We are all living in times where the fight for change is taking place on a great scale.
Voices of the world for the sake of humanity with unity we all have the power to bring Peace to the world.
The courage and bravery are re-enacted by the military heroes they give a performance that proves immense power.
Their contribution that is an education in why all wars have to cease.
Military all over the world lay down your arms and unite for Peace.
 A play by Owen Sheers

Directed by Stephen Rayne

Composed by Jason Carr

Designed by Anthony Lamble

Lighting Design William Reynolds

“What do they teach us in training? Adapt and overcome.” Charlie F.

Wounded, injured and sick Service men and women perform their own story on the West End stage.

A unique, unforgettable and uplifting piece of theatre.

The Two Worlds of Charlie F. is a soldier’s view of service, injury and recovery. Moving from the war in Afghanistan, through the dream world of morphine-induced hallucinations to the physio rooms of Headley Court, the play explores the consequences of injury, both physical and psychological, and its effects on others as the soldiers fight to win the new battle for survival at home.

Taken from the personal experience of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel involved, The Two Worlds of Charlie F. is a darkly comic, authentic and uplifting tale of survival.

The play was performed twice on 22nd January 2012 at The Theatre Royal Haymarket to sell out audiences and critical acclaim. It proved so successful that the play toured the UK, playing a total of 15 times in Birmingham, Cardiff and Edinburgh – during the Festival Fringe – and London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket. Ever performance has been met with full-house standing ovations and many performances sold out. On August 21st The Two Worlds of Charlie F.  was awarded the prestigious Amnesty International Freedom of Expression in Theatre award.


From one mother to another and another and another.

With our unconditional love, compassion, sincerity, understanding, tolerance, patience, and hope that is all that it takes to make PEACE.

 Every member of every house
of every street, of every village
of every town
of every city
of every country
Say NO to WAR.
Reach deep in to your hearts and souls. Now is the time to bring all wars to an end and with all humanities energies we could celebrate the end to all the suffering and put this beautiful planet back in the perfect harmony it so rightly deserves.
Christmas is just around the corner and a new year on the horizon.
Lately, I have read that there is a great change coming.
That it will be for the good of this beautiful planet and the good of all humanity that are lucky to live among all nature has to offer.
I truly hope so.
The change is well overdue.
I feel very encouraged that if all I have read is true about the Golden Age that is coming to the world will be at Peace.
So much killing going on in the world.
Today I have had to listen to constant shooting where I live.
Military establishments should end from practicing shooting in residential areas.
I found it very disturbing and insulting especially the day after the terrible atrocity that took place yesterday at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut.
A reminder of what destructive weapons can do.
My heartfelt sympathies to all the families that lost their loved ones.
So many beautiful souls taken.
May they R.I.P


We used to live in a better world

Where sky and water were free

We point the finger, we point the gun, is that the way it has to be?


We rape the land and we tear the skin

Burn the blood in the stone

To fuel the fire of the selfish mind

Do you want to live here alone?

Come on

Lay down your arms, surrender

You know you’ll never get out of here

Lay down your arms, remember

No force, you’d better lay down your arms,

Such are the sins of humanity

Dark is the air that we breathe

A war to hide in society

Don’t close your eyes to deceive

Lay down your arms, surrender

You know you’ll never get out of here

Lay down your arms, remember

No force, you’d better lay down your gun

Lay down your arms, surrender

You know you’ll never get out of here

Lay down your arms, remember

No force, you’d better lay down your arms,

Too many promises

Too many tears

Where does the future lie while we burn away the years?

Listen, they can make this a better world

Where sky and water are free

So give a hand without the gun, that’s the way it has to be

Lay down your arms, surrender

You know you’ll never get out of here

Lay down your arms, remember

No force, you’d better lay down your arms

Lay down your gun.



As 2012 draws to end and 2013 starts a new.

I take this time to reflect and look forward.

I hope and promise.

I hope that next year will be a more peaceful time for this beautiful planet and all human kind in the world.

I hope there will be more respect towards this beautiful planet and what mother nature has to offer in the world.

I hope for more positive and determined united acts of human kindness towards all the precious animals in the world.

I hope for more positive and determined united acts of kindness towards all the less fortunate people in the world.

Make my hopes yours and together turn them into promises and we can enable this beautiful planet to have a more positive impact and with diversity this would encourage mother nature to reach a more harmonious balance to life.

With our promises all of humanity would be able to embrace the positive rewards that mother nature has to offer and bring Peace to the world.

With my hopes and promises, I wish you all



My choice of song for the new year is One day more Les Miserable.

This song to me is very soul stirring it has such passion.

Passion is what the world needs now.